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China Hongyang Group, is an integrated enterprise with the research & development, production and marketing of Fuel Dispenser and related accessories as well as service station concerning equipments. It concentrates on the relative manufacture & services of filling station such as Hongyang tax control Fuel dispenser, IC Card fuel dispenser, manage system of network for stations, submerge pump and liquid level devise. China Hongyang Group, designed supplier of SinoPec and PetrolChina, our HONGYANG products have been sold to over 50 countries in South-east Asia, Mid-east, Africa, Europe and well received in their markets.

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    penser homemade has two functions of manual and automatic zero clearing. This kind of motor–operated fuel fuel dispenser dispenser processed fuel dispenser the international technology in 1950s. Diagram 1-4: Electronic presetting fuel dispenser Diagram 1-5: Hang- fuel dispenser without island 3438525409575 Diagram 1-7: Fuel dispenser with vapor recovery device -9525523875Diagram 1-6: Submersible pump fuel dispenser Since china’s carried out th fuel dispenser e reform and opening up policy, putting economic development as its center in 1980s, the national economy has developed very rapidly. Automotive industry and petrol industry as well as transportation industry have attained the unprecedented development. The number of filling station has increased to 6,000 from 600, fuel dispenser to 20,000 sets. The new improvement of fuel dispenser’s configuration and performance, electronic fuel dispenser development in particular, promoting the progression of operation control, display technology of homemade fuel dispenser. In the early of 1990s, the annual productivity of fuel dispenser in china was 40,000 sets. The total number of filling station was more than 10,000 with 70,000 or 80,000 sets of fuel dispenser. Therefore, China has rapidly finished the shift from mechanical fuel dispenser to electrical one. In 2002, and has become the real largest fuel dispense country with more than 80,000 commercial filling station mounted 300,000 fuel dispensers. The technological level of fuel dispenser quickly access to that of international market. The introduction of national technology supervision, input of design and manufacture technology about fuel dispenser from developed countries such as American, Japan, Britain, France, Italy, etc, have vigorously promoted the china’s technological progression of fuel dispenser. Diagram 1-8: Cabinet multi-nozzle fuel dispenser Diagram 1-9: 8-nozzle gantry fuel dispenser At recent, fuel dispenser’s configuration and function made in china has reache

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    Reconciliation process is initiated.   It must be possible to send more than one 1520 fuel dispenser Reconciliation Advic fuel dispenser es per   reconciliation period (Function code 501). However only one will indicate a final   reconciliation (Function code 500) and that will contain the totals and counts for the   whole reconciliation period.   1520 Reconciliation Advices can be ret fuel dispenser ried but they do not generate a reversal.   If a 1530 Reconciliation Advice Response is not received and the POS detects the   FEP is off-line the 1520 Reconciliation Advice must be the first transaction sent when   communications are re-established.   If a 1530 Reconciliation Advice Response indicates an out of balance situation the   FEP s Reconciliation Totals are returned to the POS in the Response. A   Reconciliation difference between the FEP and the POS requires manual   investigation.   1520 Reconciliation Advice will not be preceded by a Network Management   message. The POS must maintain its own date reconciliation period and its batch   number.   If a POS operates in more than one currency a 1520 Reconciliation Advice will be   sent to the FEP for each currency.   Wednesday 10 May 2006 - Revision 03   Document title   IFSF POS to FEP Interface   Section Page   Message Flows 26178   3.3.2 File Action Message Flow   The following shows the message flow for File Action Requests.   POS FEP   1304 File Action Requests

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    es, child abductions and terrorist killings are rife. The tone for the latest round of fighting was set fuel dispenser by the Tigers chie fuel dispenser ftain, Velupillai Prabhakaran, in his annual “Heroes Day?speech. He said the government s “chauvinism?left the Tigers no option but “an independent state for the people of Tamil Eelam? On December 1st, as if to signal the beginning of a new push for statehood, a suicide bomber in Colombo attacked Gotabaya fuel dispenser Rajapaksa, a senior official, and brother of Mahinda Rajapaksa, the president. He escaped but the attack set off a chain of retaliation. In a tough speech, President Rajapaksa said that his foremost task was to defeat terrorism. He announced the virtual revival of draconian anti-terrorism legislation, suspended in 2002 as part of the peace process. The tough talk went hand in hand with an air, sea and land operation to capture Vaharai, a strategic coastal town in the east. Taking Vaharai would drive a wedge between Trincomalee and Batticaloa, Tamil- dominated districts. Mr Rajapaksa hopes to force the Tigers to the table. Unlikely Mr Prabhakaran has vowed not to negotiate from a position of weakness. On the political front, hopes of progress were dashed by the divisions in a committee of experts appointed by the president to suggest a solution to the ethnic question. Of its 17 members, 11 wanted a far-reaching system of devolution that would have satisfied most moderate Tamils and isolated the Tigers. But the politically influential minority succeeded in neutralising their recommendations. This will antagonise Tamils at large, and widen the gulf between them and the Sinhalese. In August the government “for security reasons?closed the main A9 highway to the north at the Muhamalai checkpoint. Because of that, and the Tigers threat to shipping, about 600,000 people in Jaffna have been facing severe shortages of food and medicine. Shipment of 10,000 tonnes of food from India has been stalled by the lack of security guarantees from the Tigers.